Monday, June 9, 2008

Hunting for HW

Went to KL today to look for some HW, but found all old stuff. No new waves detected, which is really discouraging. On the bright side, managed to get 2 fatbax cars as requested by a friend from the Low Yat forum HW thread. Not really my cup of tea, but the cars looks interesting. These cars have been hanging there in a certain 7 eleven in PJ for some months now. Guess not many collectors go to that 7 eleven.


aris raptorclans said...

U know wat, I kinda like these Fatbax... I find them rather unique cos they need to be placed this way on the card instead of the usual

Melvin said...

Hello, I am a toy car collector(TCC). I been collecting car since 2001. I started with Johnny Lightning than Tomica, HW, Racing Champion and others car too.
Maybe we can trade some of our car's. Maybe we ca do some exchange of car's with u.